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Amor est vitae essentia.

This hairstyle is starting to grow on me. I usually do this when I take a shower at night and have to get up early so getting ready takes less time. I fill my hair with braids (10 this time) and just take it down in the morning and I’m good to go. However, this time I left it in way too long and this happened. I kind of look like Hermione before she got sexy lol. A lot of people told me they like it, but I’m not sure if they said that to make me feel better or they were being honest. The best part of doing my hair like this…every time more than one person either thinks this is what my hair is like naturally or I permanently crimped it or something..and sometimes people don’t recognize me. I think it looks a little bit cute…? Haha idk but I like the weird face I’m making.

  1. motherfuckingdragon said: you’re very pretty
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